Hi. I'm Laura.

For the past five years I've worked in diverse higher education contexts specializing in leadership development, online learning, student assessment, and program evaluation.  Before that, I was a women's health practitioner in rural Virginia. I have a medical degree (MD) and a doctorate (PhD), both from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

I'm a strategic listener. As a physician, I learned that if I sat still and listened hard enough, the patient's problems would unfold and the solutions would present themselves. My primary role was to capture and reflect the solutions back in ways that were accessible and manageable.

I'm also an adventure-seeker. I've started a medical practice. An online peer reviewed journal. An international journal club. I've evaluated novel research methodologies, hybrid approaches to professional development, unusual approaches to assessment, different types of reporting.

I show up. I figure things out. I get things started. I bring people with me. If you need to do something new or especially challenging, I'm here for you. If you just need more information about what I do and how I do it, you can find more at lauragogia.com.


Laura Gogia, MD, PhD,
Principal, Bandwidth Strategies
Laura Gogia, MD, PhD, Principal, Bandwidth Strategies
Laura Gogia, MD, PhD  | Principal, Bandwidth Strategies

Intentional Boldness is Our Orientation.

At Bandwidth Strategies, we dream forward, take risks, and work hard. We challenge the assumptions of 'what is,' configuring concepts and knowledge in curiously fresh ways. Inherently collaborative, interdisciplinary, and resourceful, we inspire a lot of joy in very little time.

Connecting Ideas Is Our Process.

We are stewards of your big picture even as we pay close attention to the details, working with you to visualize, design, and share your institutional story.

What's on your horizon?

Let's talk about your next adventure to see how we can help.